Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Our real-time monitoring system runs 24/7 to allow you to have real-time insights into your brands and topics. JamiQ provides real-time alerts so that you can be notified when there are sudden trends or movements in the social media conversational space.

Deepest and widest coverage

JamiQ has the ability to pull content from worldwide news, forums, blogs and online portals providing one of the widest coverage for your brand. We are also able to deeply monitor online conversations from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and Wechat.

Geotarget Content

Our proprietary geotarget algorithms allows you to focus only on content that is geograpically relevant to you, increasing the relvance of the topics and online conversations that you are monitoring.

Sentiment Analysis

Leveraging upon our years of expertise in Natural Language Processing, JamiQ has the ability to perform sentiment analysis to understand your customers' sentiment towards your brand.

Deep Analysis

JamiQ's machine learning algorithms allows you to have insights into brands and topics by features such as: topic analysis, influencer discovery and anomaly detection.

Workflow Management

Our suite of workflow management tools allow you to share and collaborate tasks and insights within your organization.

Our Clients

We have proudly collaborated with the following companies and organizations.

About us

JamiQ provides deep, insightful and actionable social media and online intelligence specific to your local region that enables you and your business to make key strategic decisions.


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